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About the Founder

Karen Newsome is a Parent Coach and a certified Group Leader of the Chicago Parent Program. She facilitated various parenting programs intermittently over 20 plus years and served on boards of organizations focused on supporting parents and children.  She has provided training through Baltimore City Schools, Catholic Charities, The Family Tree, Sasha Bruce Youthwork and Alfred Street Baptist Church.

Karen served on the Advisory Board for Moms Mentoring Moms and U2Can.  She completed training in the following:  Common Sense Parenting Program; Active Parenting Today Leader Training; Strong Parents, Strong Children Parent Educator Program and the Positive Parenting Program.

She is the Founder and Executive Director of Purpose Parenting Inc, a nonprofit organization.  Karen has BS in Biology and MA in Human Resource Management.  She lives in DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) metropolitan area.