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Your donation will be used to provide the evidence-based Chicago Parent Program and our tailored training to underserved schools and marginalized community-based organizations.

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Purpose Parenting, Inc offers the evidence-based Chicago Parent Program that has been successfully implemented since 2002 nationally in schools, HeadStart, early childcare agencies, human services organizations, and agencies, and other services specifically tailored to meet the needs of parents.
The Chicago Parent Program is a video-based program guided by strong evidence, supported by rigorous research, and listed on the SAMHSA National Registry of theory-based programs and practices.  It is designed to meet the needs of culturally and economically diverse parents.  It respects parents’ ideas and values and exemplifies the best research on child development and parent engagement.
We offer customized workshops/training addressing specific challenges of modern-day parents and their parenting concerns.  We can bring the training to your site or virtually for your convenience.
Please get in touch with us for assistance to meet your parents’ needs and support your parent engagement/involvement program.


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